About us

Simply 3D Printing converts Medical and Dental Radiological images to 3D Models Simply 3D is engaged in producing 3D models from Radiological Imaging Scans like CT Scan, MRI Scan, Dental CBCT Scan and 4 D Ultrasound Scans. The models/ Replicas so created will be in different processes like FDM, SLA, etc. depending on the accuracy level required appropriate technology will be utilized.

The procedure is simple for the Doctor. The Doctor needs to send the viewer DVD of the radiologist or Imaging scans which contains the DICOM files. These are converted into models and built. Various fabrications are possible with a same computerized technique or manual e.g., Surgical stents, ortho aligns etc.

The service thus has no boundaries as the transfer is done digitally by World Wide Web

Simply 3D printing Team


Started in May 2016 as a family enterprise by Dr. Bharat M.Mody with technical support by

  • Mrs. Saroj B. Mody, Director Administration;
  • Mrs. Prerna Ghatalia Mody, Industry Division Director;
  • Avni B.Mody, Director, Medical / Dental Division;
  • Mr. Hemal. D. Ghatalia, Marketing Director.


goldfish jumping out of the water
  • Develop the technology to bring out the human tissues for scrutiny, diagnostic purpose, treatment planning and fabrication.
  • Convert 3 D radiological scans to models.
  • Help various industries with the state-of-the-art technology to bring in efficient, precise, time-saving and economic technology, techniques and procedures.
  • Promote R & D in 3D process.
  • Support ‘Make in India campaign




Develop a Corporate Structure –from Family Business to Corporation. A platform for students to assist in their projects Assist in Dissertation and Thesis work. Create an Out of the Body experimentation platform Assist in Architectural model printing and Structure building. Develop Robotics, Reconstruction, and rehabilitation Prosthesis Be an education and skill development hub.