Why 3D Modeling what ‘s in it for me

3-D Modeling is the newest technological innovation to hit the Dental and Medical health care delivery process. The technology is on the verge of making a paradigm shift in our methodology to diagnose, pre-treatment planning and enhancing our treatment delivery by incorporating –precision.

Fundamentally the process facilitates the transfer of our images from CBCT, CT, MRI and 3D/4D Ultrasonography scans into working models to understand pathology, plan treatment procedure in a manner as yet not possible and deliver the patients with the full capability of treatment precision.

Simply 3D Printing is engaged in producing 3 D models from Radiological Imaging Scans like CT scan, MRI Scan, Dental CBCT Scan and 4 D Ultrasound Scans. The models created will be in different processes like FDM, SLA etc. depending on the accuracy level required appropriate technology will be utilized. We create 3 D models from CBCT, CT scans. These models are both surface and volume models showing the internal bone architecture of jaw bones—maxilla and mandible.

The procedure is simple for the Doctor. The Doctor needs to send the viewer DVD of the radiological scans which contains the Decoma files. These are converted to models and built.

Various fabrications are possible with same computerized technique or manual e.g. Surgical stents, Roth aligners etc.

Hitherto, we had difficulty as we could not use our advanced imaging in the planning and execution but had only a separate evaluation methods, relevant but distant. The process gives the patient a safe treatment process and allows the Doctor total control. 3 D Modeling is a revolution.

Where Can it Help us:


Practice Enhancement

Patient Understanding Models are tangible objects, and are understandable both to patients and the doctors. Making them great marketing tools. They can convince the patient for the needed treatment—promoting prevention,…

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Understanding multiple problems

With DMFT (Decayed, Missing, Filled teeth) index at 4-5, invariably the patient has multiple teeth which are curious or decayed. If the patient or the doctor goes only for treatment…

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Pre-treatment planning

Pre-treatment planning

Traditionally we plan treatment on 2-dimensional radiographs which are of limited information. 3D Models gives an opportunity to have the lesion externally and thus planning is possible. For example, in…

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Understanding disease destruction

Many times operated disease/lesions reappear because their aggressiveness was not predicated on the radiographs. With 3D Models, the destruction within and around the lesion can be appreciated much better and…

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Aiding treatment execution

Surgical templates can be constructed on the lines of CAD-CAM but at much cheaper rates. For Implants, Trauma Fixation and Immobilization, a guide for Parallelism etc. surgical guides are easily…

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Apart from surgical guides, fabrication of a lot of other applications is available with different levels of accuracy. Space maintainers and retainers can be made. Fixtures in resection cases, orthodontic…

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