Aiding treatment execution

Surgical templates can be constructed on the lines of CAD-CAM but at much cheaper rates. For Implants, Trauma Fixation and Immobilization, a guide for Parallelism etc. surgical guides are easily fabricated. In tumors or large cysts where bone grafting is required, e.g. rib graft, tibia graft or Iliac crest graft the exact dimension of harvesting can be possible, saving anesthesia time, surgical time. The extent, volume, area of the lesion can easily be estimated.

a). Oral Surgery: Surgical stents can be prepared to replace CADCAM technology. Both for IMPLANTS and TRAUMA cases so as to be precise in surgery. Guided surgery is now possible. With the three D model, the size, dimension of the graft can be calculated. If a defect like hemifacial atrophy or post trauma is to be held together, even that can be fabricated. Any contraption to hold two pieces together in the correct position can be done easily on the model.


b) ORTHODONTICS: In Orthodontics, while planning for the surgical guided eruption of impacted teeth, planning for the amount of force, the direction of force can be done easily. The Model can be observed from all direction, something not possible in the Oral Cavity.


c) Prosthodontics: Planning a full mouth rehabilitation to maintain parallelism and direction of teeth, implants and artificial teeth.

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d) Complex Disease process understanding. The human brain.