Practice Enhancement

Patient Understanding

Models are tangible objects, and are understandable both to patients and the doctors. Making them great marketing tools.


They can convince the patient for the needed treatment—promoting prevention, limitation or arrest of the disease and appreciation of the work done.

When RVG or Digital Intra-Oral IOPA radiography, hit the market people bought it as it was a great marketing tool. It showed that the Doctor was tech. savvy and there was an aura of precision. Today 3D modeling goes a step beyond. It shows the patient’s own jaw in one’s hand, but shows the areas we could never show the patient even with intra-oral cameras. To show the patient the magnitude of the problem, no. of teeth affected in an objective manner is in itself a great motivator. The patient having seen the model before hand is already convinced with treatment by 80%. The doctor will have to work for only 20%. The Doctor who adopts this technology first will be the market leader, remember Dr. Mayekar and Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Shetty and Implant Dentistry, Dr. Dinesh Jain and CBCT. Your VIP local patients and NRI patients will be flabbergasted with the latest technology. They will show their friends and publicity will go mouth to mouth.




Foetus 5th to 7th month



Imagine giving the patient his internal organ in his hand. Patient find the explanation and prognosis most easily.